Simplifying the process
of Image Moderation

Advanced Image Moderation API with features like nudity detection, facial recognition, celebrity recognition, text in image, and face comparison

curl \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
'{ "id": 32,
"api_key": "luvTtnpxCqIOAR0mEJgdqxU8rqw",
"url": "",
"callback_url": ""
}' \

   "code": "200",
   "msg": "The process of Image Moderation has started"
"id": 32,
"filename": "apple.png",
"file_url": "",
"moderation_result": {
"ParentName": "Nudity",
"Name": "Explicit Nudity",
"Confidence": "94.742",

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3 requests per second

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50,000 Operations / month

10 requests per second

Domains whitelisting

Commercial usage allowed

Dedicated support




250,000 Operations / month

25 requests per second

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Image Processing and Optimization API Documentation


Deepengin's image moderation API is a simple yet powerful REST API that is used to do label detection, facial recognition, celebrity recognition, text in image, and PPE detection via a URL or via POST to the API itself.


Deepengin's Image Moderation API, along with all of its other APIs, follows the REST architectural style. The API utilizes resource-oriented URLs to enable predictability, and HTTP status codes to report errors.


The Image Moderation API mandates the use of secure communication protocols, specifically TLS 1.2 or higher.

API Versions

Deepengin's APIs are all versioned, and the current version of the Image Moderation API is Version 1

API Authentication and Usage

To access Deepengin's Image Moderation API, you will need a unique authentication key in the form of an API key. You can authenticate your requests by appending your API key to the base URL.

Methods to Begin Working with an Image in Deepengin

There are two methods to start working with an image in Deepengin:
1. Providing the API with a URL of the image 2. Uploading the image directly to Deepengin.
Providing the URL of the image is the simpler of the two methods. All you need to do is make a simple HTTP POST call with all of the necessary data in the payload as JSON.

Option 1. Uploading an Image to the API via URL

To upload an existing image through a URL, you can make an HTTP POST call to the following URL:

To use the direct upload method for the API, a multi-part HTTP POST call (content type multipart/form-data) is required. The base URL for this method is

api_key required


To access an API, a unique authentication key called an API Key is required. This key can be obtained by navigating to your dashboard

url required


The image URL for detection purposes should be noted that it must not exceed 20 MB in size

type required


You can specify the desired image processing task by providing a value for the "type" parameter. Available options include: face comparison, text detection, label detection, and celebrity detection

Option 2 - Uploading an Image via Direct Upload

When using the direct upload method with Deepengin’s API, a multi-part HTTP POST request with the content type multipart/form-data is required. The base URL for this can be found at

The image should be uploaded as a file named "image", and the rest of the necessary data should be included as json data uploaded with the name "data". It is important to note that the "data" argument should contain all the information needed except for the URL parameter, which is not needed. Here's an example of how to use curl to make the request:

Return data is in JSON format:

Image Moderation API - Request Parameters

The Image Moderation API comes with the parameter "type". The type will contain values for different functionalities like for facial comparision, the type value would be facial_compare.Below is the list all the values for the type



This functionality compares a face in the source input image with a target image and determines whether they match or not.



This functionality detects and locates faces within an image that is provided as input.



This functionality detects text in the input image and converts it into machine-readable text.



This functionality detects instances of real-world entities within an image (JPEG or PNG) provided as input.



This functionality identifies and returns information about a celebrity in an input image.

Response and Error Codes

Whenever you make a request that fails for some reason, an error is returned also in the JSON format. The errors include an error code and description, which you can find in detail below.



Everything worked as expected.


Bad request

Bad request



The request was unacceptable. Typically due to the API key missing or incorrect.


Internal Server Error

The request could not be completed due to an error on the server side.


Service Unavailable

The server was unavailable.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Image Moderation API

What types of images can be moderated using the Image Moderation API?

The API can be used to moderate most types of images, including JPEG, and PNG

How accurate is the image moderation process?

The accuracy of the image moderation process can vary depending on the complexity of the image and the specific moderation task being performed. However, the API is designed to provide reliable results in most cases.

Can the Image Moderation API be used to moderate videos or other types of media?

No, the Image Moderation API is specifically designed to moderate images only. For videos, you need to use a video moderation API.

What types of content can the Image Moderation API detect?

The API can detect a range of potentially objectionable content, including nudity, violence, drugs, and hate symbols.

Is the Image Moderation API suitable for use in a production environment?

Yes, the API is designed for use in production environments and is scalable to handle large volumes of requests.

How can I ensure that my API requests are secure?

All API communications should be secured using TLS 1.2 or greater. In addition, you should keep your API key secure and not share it with unauthorized individuals or applications.

Developers love Deepengin's Image Moderation API

As a developer of a popular dating app, we were facing issues with users creating fake profiles using other people's images. However, ever since we integrated the face comparison feature from this image moderation API, we have seen a significant drop in the number of fake profiles. The feature is easy to use, and the accuracy of the results is commendable. Highly recommended!

- John, Lead Developer of a Dating App

We were in need of an image moderation API that could help us detect nudity and violence in images uploaded by our users. We tried several options, but the accuracy was always a concern. However, after switching to this image moderation API, we were impressed with the accuracy of the results. The API can detect even the slightest traces of nudity and violence, which is vital for our platform, and the easy-to-integrate API has made the whole process a breeze

- Sarah, CTO of a Social Media Platform

Our platform involves facial recognition as a crucial feature. We had previously integrated a different facial recognition API, but it was not up to the mark in terms of accuracy and efficiency. However, after switching to this image moderation API, we were blown away by the accuracy of the facial recognition feature. It can easily detect faces in images, even in low-light conditions, and has significantly improved the performance of our platform. Highly recommended!

- Jack, CEO of an Identity Verification Platform

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Subscription & Pricing

What is an Operation?

An Operation refers to a single action performed by the API, such as running Nudity Detection on one image. Batches of models will count as multiple operations, with the number of operations equal to the number of models requested. Every API call that utilizes operations will return a field indicating the number of operations used. In the case of Video Moderation, the number of operations used will depend on the video duration, with the default being one operation per second.

Is there a free trial available for the Image Moderation API?

Yes, Deepengin offers a free trial that allows you to test out the Image Moderation API with a limited number of requests.

How do I upgrade my subscription plan?

To upgrade your subscription plan, simply log in to your Deepengin account and navigate to the billing section. From there, you can select the plan you wish to upgrade to and follow the instructions to complete the upgrade.

What payment methods are accepted for the Image Moderation API?

We accept payment via major debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) through Stripe. If you are unable to use these payment methods, please contact us at to discuss alternative payment options.

Is there a minimum usage requirement for the Image Moderation API?

No, there is no minimum usage requirement for the Image Moderation API. You can use the API as much or as little as you need.